14 January 2009

Apocalypse Now

It's really a shame there aren't any Bible stories set in the winter, because our current weather...situation is pretty epic. Like Noah's Ark but with snow, or The Book of Job with ice and shoveling instead of boils and fires. We're currently in hour 10 of a 48 hour windchill warning. Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day in 10 years (incidentally, I'm pretty sure I remember that day: windchills of -60 degrees = no school!). And there are all sorts of sad graphics on the weather forecast (is the polar bear really necessary? I think we get it) and words like "miserable" and "brutal". But no Bible stories to work with. You'd think they could have worked on that during the breaks in the Crusades...

If this is global warming, I really don't like it.

UPDATE 1/15: I heard on the radio this morning that today will break a record streak of nine consecutive days of measurable snow at O'Hare. The streak is broken, of course, because the temperature will not climb above zero degrees. That's right, it won't get *warm* enought to snow.
Incidentally, I looked up the weather for Barrow, Alaska because I know it's the northernmost settlement in the United States and guess what? Despite being known as a "polar climate" and having below freezing temperatures for nearly seven months out of the year, Barrow's high temperature for today is six degrees. Get Barrow and Chicago on the same screen in google maps and you'll see how ridiculous this is. (You'll also be able to deduce the pattern of the jet stream)

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Lizzy said...

Stay warm, think happy thoughts, and drink lots of hot cocoa :)